Former Atlanta Brave baseball great and Twitter fiend Larry “Chipper” Jones got into an angry spat the other day over the popular social media platform with an angry fan and alleged United States military veteran who never forgot an instance during his childhood when the future Hall of Fame third baseman snubbed his autograph request.

The upset fan vet with a mind like an elephant goes by the username @thatgrayboy, with “Captain America” serving as his nickname.

Here’s the back-n-forth below:

twitter feud chipper jones

From there, it rolled right over into Twitter DM’s (direct messages):

DM pic 2

Chipper then “blocked” the guy from going any further. Which, he no doubt would, if given the chance.

But seriously: a legendary pro baseball player talking trash against military veterans, saying *literally* that “3 deployments don’t mean squat to me!”?

Not cool, Chipper. Not cool at all.

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