Make no mistake. Former United States Army sniper and current UFC fighter Tim Kennedy is a bad, bad man. “Bad” in that he’s one of those guys you want on your side, because — in the words of the old Recon Marine Carl Moore, “the man or beast [he] runs from ain’t been born, and his mother’s already dead!”

The following story though (one he told while a commentator on a fight night show recently) may have a gritty, tough-sounding introduction, but its payoff will leave you with a smile, rather than two tight fists and a furrowed brow.

You see, Tim pulled a gun on a “terrorist”. Or, at least, what he thought to be one at the time.

Let the Army Times take it from here:

While answering viewer questions and comments, Kennedy told of an encounter with a U.S. Anti-Doping Agency staffer.

“Funny story. One of the new USADA guys. … There’s this truck that’s taking all the same turns heading to my house, so I punch it, and I go up into my driveway,” Kennedy said. “I hop out of my car, gun drawn. This is right after ISIS gives threats that they’re trying to kill me. And this poor USADA guy sticks his hands out of his truck window. And he’s like, ‘I’m from USADA! Please don’t kill me! I’m just here to get your pee!’

“So I gave him my pee. And lead! No, I didn’t shoot him.”

Rumors are circling that the former soldier, who hasn’t entered the octagon/cage/ring in over two years, might make an appearance in March, if the fight league puts on its “Fight for the Troops” again.

Last one was in Kentucky — Fort Campbell to be exact.

Might be way too an appealing an offer for a proud member of the military to turn down.

We shall see (and when/if we do, we’ll tell you all about it). Stay tuned.