It was the morning of December 19, he was driving with his wife to Los Angeles International Airport in California to visit family in Texas for the holidays when a car crash on the side of the highway came into his purview. He slowed down and pulled over.

Once stopped, United States Marine Staff Sergeant Enrico Rojo immediately went into hero mode (he was a decorated combat veteran after serving in Afghanistan where he survived an IED blast).

It was a Toyota car smashed by a commercial truck, rolled over. After a quick scan, he went to ask if the driver was okay.

A second later, tragedy struck.

Another car traveling on the highway didn’t see Rojo in the darkness, and hit him. They got out after the impact, called 911 and provided first aid but it was too late.

Firefighters arrived on the scene to find the Marine’s wife holding his hand. At 29 years old, he was dead.

In the aftermath, the driver of the Toyota car — the vehicle Rojo had pulled over for to help — was arrested for suspicion of drunk driving.

“He died trying to help a complete stranger in need, which is no surprise to us that knew him,” said members of Delta Company, 4th Tank Battalion, in a Facebook message remembering the young Marine.