The holidays are hard for any military family that must open presents and decorate the tree while a spouse or child is deployed thousands of miles away. Despite the obstacles, the Baughs found a way to bring the family back together.

Staff Sergeant Joshua Baugh of the Air National Guard spent Christmas in Kuwait last year. His wife Katrina wanted to include him in their family photos, so she devised a clever way to make sure Joshua made an appearance without traveling out of the country. The resulting Christmas card is pictured above.

This year Joshua Baugh will celebrate Christmas right next to his wife and daughter. Here is a photo from his homecoming earlier this year.

Military Reunion Photo - The SITREP Military Blog

“We are so happy to have him home with us this year,” Katrina told HuffPost. “The holidays are so much more meaningful when we are all together.”

“My heart is with everyone this year that has a loved one deployed,” she added.