State police investigators and local authorities are putting their search efforts into overdrive to locate a missing United States Marine veteran who was last seen being escorted out of a bar in Clementon, New Jersey after an altercation.

Clementon is less than 20 miles southeast from Philadelphia.

According to a local FOX affiliate, a New Jersey State Police marine unit was “out on the Silver Lake waterway in Clementon Tuesday afternoon looking for 29-year-old retired Marine Lance James.”

Those close to James — who saw combat in both Iraq and Afghanistan and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) — say his last known location was at the Hide-A-Way Tavern on December 2.

As of the publish date of this post, a reward of $5,000 is being offered by family and friends for any information on James’ whereabouts.**

It’s being funded by a GoFundMe page — created by his sister — which can be visited by clicking here.

“Lance never made it home that night. It’s almost like he completely vanished. He did not show up for work, call out or pick up his paycheck. Lance did not reach out to anyone by any means, neither friends or family have heard from him since. Lance does not own a car,” she wrote on the page.

James is about five feet and eight inches tall, 180 pounds with brown hair, reddish brown beard and tattoos. He also has a five-year-old daughter who lives with her mother — according to the page.

** – If you do have information on the case, contact Detective Barber at the Camden County Prosecutors Office at (609) 575-6104.