In Denver, Colorado, a United States Army veteran made the ultimate sacrifice — reminding us all what it means to defend this country, whether you are in active service or not.

James Farmer Jr. was a 62-year-old veteran who was in-between jobs and subsequently sleeping in his car until he could move to Seattle to join his family.

Which, by fate or some other power, put Farmer in the right place and the right time to witness two teenagers being attacked by a homeless man, 28-year-old Dejuan Stamps.

One of the teenagers, 18-year-old Aidan Brown, had already been beaten unconscious.

Heroically, Farmer distracted Stamps in an attempt to stop the attack. Unfortunately, Stamps then turned on the veteran and proceeded to beat him to death. The police soon arrived, and after a scuffle that ended with an officer also being injured, Stamps was apprehended.

According to many who knew him, Farmer was the kind of man who stepped up when others were in need (via Task & Purpose):

“He took an oath when he joined the United States Army and promised never to leave a man behind,” a family member told CNN affiliate KDVR. “He heard someone in need and risked his life to save [the] lives of those teenagers.”

The incident occurred near the St. Francis Center, a homeless shelter in downtown Denver, where Farmer had a reputation as “a good man.” A memorial service for Farmer was held at the shelter on June 27.

“People who know what’s right, do what’s right,” a shelter official told KDVR. “And he was one of those people who did it. He stepped up to help. And unfortunately, it cost him his life.”

The teenagers are being treated for injuries at Denver hospital and Farmer died on the scene from blunt force trauma. He was the grandfather of five.