How many concussions does it take to formally ban the notorious annual pillow fight as the U.S. Military Academy at West Point?

After more than 100 years of rowdy pillow fighting, West Point has finally discovered its limit–24 concussions.

In August, 24 students got concussed during the epic pillow fight, and at least one student was knocked out cold. Unlike your standard sleepover pillow fight, West Point students wear full body armor and helmets as they bash each other with pillow cases filled with rocks. In a now viral video of the August confrontation, many students are seen without any headgear.

In a ritual as ferocious as this, it was inevitable that students would one day get carried away and bash 24 skulls too many. West Point Superintendent Lt. Gen. Rob Carlsen delivered the bad news last week.

“While never officially sanctioned, it is now officially banned, and we will take appropriate action to ensure that all faculty, staff, leaders, the Corps of Cadets and everyone at West Point knows that it will not be tolerated,” Carlsen announced.