A landlord’s routine drive-by turned a military family’s world upside on December 8 when a homeowner’s worst nightmare became a dreadful reality.

“My kitchen was on fire and the fire department was there,” Jessica Saair, wife of United States Air Force airman Lee Saari told News On 6 in Oklahoma recently.

“The pictures completely just vanished, they melted off the wall, they weren’t on the floor they were just gone.”

Their Sand Springs, Oklahoma home was all but unrecognizable.

And one of their pets, a cat, perished in the flames.

“The one that passed away is the one that we’ve had since me and my husband were dating, it was the first gift he ever gave me.”

“Everything we worked for is gone, right before Christmas.”

Since the devastating event, Jessica and the kids have been staying with family — but without Lee. Just a few days after the fire he was called back overseas by the USAF.

Without their father and husband, without a place of their own anymore and without their belongings, they forged on, and week later finally received some good news.

Soldier’s Wish, a nonprofit that helps resolve the unmet needs of those who served, along with a few other businesses, got together and came to the Saari family’s rescue.

They assisted them in putting a deposit on a new home (which they’re in the process of buying and moving into) and even bought them a new washer and dryer.

“For the first time since the fire happened I feel some form of hope. There is a light at the end of the tunnel,” said Jessica.