It was all so perfect. So right.

Marc Long’s grandfather had served in the United States Air Force, had his trunk of memories and mementos to show for it. His father, too, had the crate of his own military crate of keepsakes, awards, medals and more.

Long had it too, just the other day. They were in his car. He got back after days spent on a long road trip across the American Southwest to his parents home in a torrential rain. He figured, it’s been a trek, why not keep them in the automobile and unpack them in the morning, when it’s dry and the sun is shining.

Something anyone who’s returned after a substantial car ride can attest to. Get ‘er done at dawn. Hell, why not?

Only, when Long did just this, he found … nothing.

Someone had stolen his car, and everything in it. Most notably, his cherished USAF items. Stuff that was irreplaceable. Twenty-two years worth.

This from FOX 13 Salt Lake City:

“I just can’t believe it – I’m still in shock I guess,” Long said of the theft.

“I came out later just to make sure everything was locked up and I grabbed my backpack, which had my laptop in it,” Long said.

The next day, Long woke up to find his car and military mementos gone. The theft was reported to West Jordan police.

Long’s vehicle is described as a 1998 Honda Civic LX with the plate number W378GV. It’s forest green, has after-market silver tires and a scratch on the driver’s side.

For Long, it’s about so much more than a stolen car. He was going to pass his military medals and awards down to his son.

“You know I may have a couple pictures of them – I’ve got them in my memory but that’s it. You know I’m very proud of them – I did a lot of work for them – you know it’s something I just can’t get back,” Long said.

West Jordan police say there is a fair chance this car could be tracked down. They said if you do see anything suspicious to please give them a call at 801-840-4000.

The USAF vet is currently utilizing his GI Bill to study to become a registered nurse. Upon graduation, he plans to get a job with the VA and care for veterans.

It goes without saying, but we’re going to mention it anyway: if you know anything that could assist authorities in finding Long’s automobile that contains his prized possessions, don’t hesitate to call the number above.