The “good book” got some bad press out west this week, after a report came out that a United States Air Force major was forced to remove the Bible from his desk and levied with a civil rights violation at the 310th Space Wing in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

That, though, is holy water under the bridge, according to sources close to the story, as the charges were dropped in the peculiar case after a brief investigation was undertaken.

This from Townhall:

Maj. Steve Lewis, a supervisor at the Reserve National Security Space Institute, agreed to voluntarily remove the Bible pending a military review.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation had filed a complaint against Maj. Lewis — accusing him of “harboring and encouraging a truly abhorrent example of First Amendment civil rights violations.”

But a public affairs spokesman told me late Tuesday that Maj. Lewis was well within his rights to have an open Bible on his office desk.

“We have concluded that no abuse of liberties has occurred,” Lt. Col. David Fruck told me.

All’s well that ends well. No?