Like the digits of the mathematical constant Pi, the amount of delicious pastry in this world is infinite. To celebrate Pi’s contributions to mathematics and America’s contribution to pie, we’ve compiled our favorite patriotic pies recipes.

1. American As Apple Pie

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One of our country’s tastiest analogies is ‘American as apple pie.’ But is there anything more American that an apple pie?

Trick question. The only thing more American than apple pie is an American flag apple pie. After making your usual pie filling and crust, cut stars and stripes out of pastry and create your own edible rendition of Old Glory.

Recipe Here!

2. Miss American Pie


This tasty tribute to Don Mclean’s iconic song ‘American Pie’ is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. With a bright red and blue filling made from strawberries and blueberries, this pie can emulate the rich hues of the American flag. Like the apple pie, the stars and stripes are made using pastry.

Recipe Here! 

3. Flag Fruit Pizza Pie


One part sweet, one part savory, this pizza is easy to put together on short notice. The recipe below uses bananas, strawberries and blue berries to mimic the famous red, white and blue, but it’s easy to substitute other fruits and foods.

Recipe Here!

Have you made any patriotic pies that are tastier, more creative or simply more American than these? Tell us about them in the comments.