Sure, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter looks cool.

Videos of it actually flying have hit the internet recently, and it positively dazzles (maybe not to the SR-71 level, but that’s a whole other argument).

The question will always remain, however: was it worth the $1.5 trillion it’s projected to cost U.S. taxpayers over the course of its 55-year trajectory?

Because, really? That’s a whole ton of dough. It’s just an absurd amount of money. So much so that it’s hard to even fathom in one’s mind what a crazy sum/wad it truly is — or, even better — what it could buy.

So, we’re going to help break it down (with a list, below) and show you exactly what 1.5 trillion big ones could get you in the event you rob like 100 billionaire oil tycoons in one day or something.

scrooge mcduck

What could you buy with $1.5 trillion in your pocket?


1. 750 billion pinwheels


Kids love them. Adults love them. They spin in the wind. They’re great. And you’d have more than enough to go around (like more than 80 for each person on Earth — something like that?)

2. 32 National Football Leagues


You could buy every professional football team in the NFL, 32 times. In other words, you could own 32 NFLs. And while that’s not possible at all, it sure is crazy to think about.

If you’re diehard football fan, it’s better to start a tad bit smaller, and go here to get your things.

3. 2 Apples (the company)


The corporation famous for iPhones and iTunes and iPods made news as America’s first $700 billion dollar company recently. So, with your satchel of a trillion and change, you could buy two of them. Nice.

4. 1.3 trillion apples (the fruit)


You can have one every time you make a phone call. Like you’re Tyler Durden. Even though you’re clearly not.

5. 6.25 billion Dell laptops

dell laptop

That is, only if you utilize one of these incredible discounts.

6. 12 billion kegs of beer


Drink up, baby. Stay up all night.

7. 375 million 1 carat diamonds



Which is insane. No one needs this many diamonds. But one, or two? You bet. Get one for a lot less than retail with this discount right here.

8. 1,500 Buckingham Palaces


Even royalty has a price tag. If you have a trillion dollars in your bank account.

9. 750 Disney Worlds


That’s one for every country, maybe? Something like that.

Don’t have trillions to buy a whole bunch? That’s okay. Going there will do. It never disappoints.

10. 5,769 Brooklyn Bridges



Someone’s always looking to sell. Someone’s always looking to buy. A buyer is born every second — is that how it goes?

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