In the following video, listen closely to the 11 rotors spinning on the newest prototype of Sikorsky’s CH-53K (also referred to as Engineering Development Model-1) King Stallion helicopter.

Hear it?

They’re whispering “Ooh … Rah … Ooh … Rah.”

That’s because it’s the United States Marine Corps “next-gen heavy lift” chopper, and this is its first ever hover flight.

With a cruise speed of 141 knots and a range of 530 miles, it’s no wonder the branch has high hopes for this cutting-edge military aircraft (they plan on, eventually, having eight active duty squadrons, one training squadron and one reserve squadron).

See/hear it hum:

More from FOX News:

The CH-53K King Stallion will have similar physical dimensions as its predecessor, the CH-53E Super Stallion. It will also be powered by three engines, but with the upgraded engine power of the T408-GE-400s.

It has fourth-generation composite main rotor blades with anhedral tips and advanced airfoils. There’s also a new tail rotor head and blades.

And there are a lot of  innovations designed to improve crew and passenger protection. In addition to cutting-edge self-defense weapons, advanced lightweight armor is incorporated as well as enhanced ballistic protection. The troop seats and retracting landing gear are also engineered to be crashworthy.

This new helo will be capable of carrying 27,000 pounds –nearly three times the amount of its predecessor. It will be able to carry these massive loads over 110 nautical miles under challenging “hot and high” conditions.