Over the summer we brought you the compelling visual chronicle of the time decades ago when the United States Air Force brought a bunch of pigeons up in the C-131 Samaritan (nicknamed the “vomit comet”) and watched them struggle to fly and get their bearings in zero gravity.

Now, for part two.

Footage of the U.S. Air Force bringing a bunch of cats up in the C-131 and watching how they deal without the fundamental physical force they’ve been accustomed to all their lives for about 15 seconds or so.


Why this experiment was okayed by USAF brass is still unclear to us. According to numerous sources, it was a tag team study by both the military branch and NASA scientists to see what would happen.

In case, you know, we’re ever caught on the precipice of space war with China or Russia where all superpowers involved agree that the conflict can only be waged with representative felines — in which case data on how they deal with the free-floating conditions of the galaxy would be of the utmost importance and — most likely — classified.