The U.S. Army Research Laboratory has signed a contract with UK-based startup Malloy Aeronautics to develop hoverbikes. You heard that right Star Wars fans, hoverbikes!


Malloy Aeronautics has already built a prototype that can reach 92 miles per hour. According to Mashable, the company also builds hovering drones using the same technology.

Malloy Aeronautics already sells drones that are one-third replicas of the hoverbike. Each has four rotors; two of them overlapping on each side. The rotors create enough force to raise the machines above the ground and let them hover and fly around. The hoverbike uses a motorcycle engine and handlebars for controls.

The project requires further development and finessing, but the military hopes to use these bad boys as reconnaissance vehicles.

Learn more about this technology in this video from a Malloy Aeronautics Kickstarter campaign last year.