The majority of the commenters that had something to say about this YouTube video clip berated the fact that they thought it was all setup, for the cameras — and that there wasn’t really an alert, a threat over DC or even a need to “scramble.” whatsoever. One after the other they piled on and highlighted their collective skepticism in ill-advised lowercase and the like:

“Probably staged.”

“it was staged 100%. And how do i know? The pins are still in the landing gear, wheel chalks are not pulled, and flight system ports on the outside of the jet are still covered. You can see this in the video by looking at the red tags on the jet.”

“Hahaha as if they were going to fly with the safety pins still in.”

“Just saying if they pretend it’s gonna be another 9/11 pretty sure they can run faster than that”

Yikes. Pretty harsh.

Look, this is America, so these viewers can say anything they want, HOWEVER, they all fail to miss the point, the big picture, if you will.

These service members are real and they protect us and our leaders EVERY SINGLE DAY. And that’s that. Because whether this video portrayed an actual, real scramble or not is irrelevant.

They deserve our respect whether they’re practicing for if/when a real incident goes down or not …