If you’ve been an avid reader of this blog (or just a casual purveyor of this blog) you know what a real, full-size A-10 Warthog can do. Shoot, we’ve shown it over and over and over again. Buzzin’ lowly humans lounging on runways, mowing down bad guys from a few hundred feet up, participating as a major player in countless American war stories — the aircraft is, at this point, a true military icon.

Okay, now picture it smaller (toy size) and on it (besides a camera) is a Nerf gun, capable of unloading about 12 foam balls in just under a half second.

Can’t do it? That’s alright. You don’t have to. Click on the video below, because what we detailed is precisely what YouTube builder/designer/enthusiast ajw61185 did …

Did you know that the real Warthog’s famous cannon — the GAU-8 — has destroyed over 1,000 enemy tanks since it was first introduced into service in 1977 and is bigger than a Volkswagen?