These are diamonds in the sky. Huge diamonds. Many diamonds glued together. Aerial Picassos. F-35 Joint Strike Fighters that cost more than $100 million a pop, getting refueled (in the first video) by the “Copperheads” — the 161st Air Refueling Team — in their KC-135Rs.

The second bit of footage is the 422nd Test and Evaluation Squadron out of Nellis Air Force Base doing much of the same.

It’s like watching the Loch Ness Monster eat a school of fish. Or a Yeti take a drink from a babbling brook. Or getting a “sneak peek” of Popeye sautéing his spinach then gulp it down little by little until he’s ready to let his forearms swing and pummel some bullies.

Or, it’s like none of these things.

According to Foxtrot Alpha, the Pentagon is on the cusp of putting in an order for 450 of these opulent jet fighters. That’s one helluva potential tip for the waitress.