A man got kicked off an American Airlines flight traveling from Los Angeles (LAX) to Philadelphia (PHL) after “scaring the hell out of everyone” onboard and giving an impromptu, complaint-ridden speech about his ire for the government, people with money as well as the skinny on his (presumably military) uncle, who’s missing in action (MIA) — according to the airlines and fellow passengers Thursday night.

After being subdued by others on the flight, the plane was diverted to Phoenix where it landed and local authorities took the befuddling, maniacal orator into custody. The aircraft then took back off again and arrived at its intended destination — the “City of Brotherly Love” — just before 8:30 pm EST.

Chip Yates, a passenger on the flight who also happens to be a pilot, told a local Philadelphia news reporter how they got the out-of-control man … under control:

“We got duct tape and handcuffs and we had to hold the guy in his seat and fasten his seatbelt, and said if you get up we’re gonna have to duct tape you together,” he said.

The ejected passenger has yet to be identified, but we’re still trying to dig further into the incident and discover just who the man responsible is. While we do, we’re making guesses.

Here’s one — maybe … it was this guy?