What would you buy if money wasn’t an issue?

A house? A car?

The Dallas Cowboys?

For retired Marine Lt. Col. Art Nalls — who amassed a fortune from the Washington D.C. real estate market upon leaving the service — the answer was simple.

He’d buy a fighter jet.

An ex-Royal Navy Sea Harrier FA2, to be exact.

So, when the British Royal Navy retired the famous model aircraft back in 2006, Nalls took full advantage, got out his checkbook, and purchased one of the planes for he, himself and him (the UK handed it over only after it was demilitarized and refurbished).

For the record, he already owned a Yak-3 (a World War II era military aircraft) but the Sea Harrier is his unquestioned crown jewel. His baby.

As you’ll see in the video below, Nalls counters the incredible cost of owning and operating a military fighter jet (according to Foxtrot Alpha the Harrier can go through a gallon of gas every six seconds) by performing at air shows. And he hasn’t stopped there.

He recently purchased another Harrier (two-seater) from the Brits. No joke: he plans on amassing a fleet.