An earthquake in the New York/New Jersey area? An EARTHQUAKE?

Doesn’t sound right, does it? Sounds fake.

But thousands of people Thursday swore that they felt tremors — Americans all the way from the southern New Jersey coast to Long Island to the Connecticut coast sounded off on social media, called 911 and the works saying they just got shook by the ground under their feet.

They were like “it was a tectonic plate shifting — right? Right?” “It was tectonic! Wasn’t it?”

Turns out, it wasn’t at all tectonic.

It was the United States Navy.

More specifically, it was the most advanced fighter jet in the entire world … barking.


This from NBC News:

Officials with the Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland said they were conducting testing  of F-35C fighter jet over the Atlantic Ocean Thursday afternoon and that some of the aircraft performed maneuvers that could have caused sonic booms.

The sonic-boom fueled tremors were reported first in southern New Jersey — near Cape May County — before moving up the coastline sometime before 2 p.m. Within an hour residents in Amityville, Long Island, Staten Island and southeastern Connecticut all also reported the shaking.

U.S. Geological Survey officials say the booms — created when an aircraft breaks the sound barrier by traveling more than 768 mph — were first recorded 8 miles south of Jackson, New Jersey. Eight other spikes were reported at multiple stations in southern New Jersey.

The following footage was taken by Ann Phillis (with her iPhone) in New York, at around 5:15 pm Thursday. According to its source, she first heard it at 4:30 pm but didn’t have her phone ready to record. Forty-five minutes later she was ready, and documented the F-35’s roar.