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The United States Army Parachute Team — otherwise known as the Golden Knights — are fearless military daredevils who make grand entrances from the loftiest, chicest place you or anyone ever can: the sky.

Bronze, blue, white, black, whatever color it is on any given day or night, they’re arriving from it, so pack a warm welcome (and a dapper a** swimsuit using this cool military discount that makes it cheap as all hell at 15% OFF) and keep it handy because you never know when you’re going to run into these audacious airborne soldier performers.

Like last year, when they showed up on a Fort Lauderdale, Florida beach after jumping from a warplane and pretty much making every sandy patron’s day in the process.

The appearance commemorated the Great American Beach Party, which is a shindig the panhandle state has every Memorial Day. And, apparently, it lives up to its name.

How could it not with THIS!? …