What does a floating, state-of-the-art F-35B fighter jet look like if you’re peering at it with a machine that visualizes using heat, rather than light?

Why, it looks like the following, of course:

This from Foxtrot Alpha:

FLIR, a company that produces heat-seeing cameras for everything from cell phones to military vehicles, reports that they captured this F-35 in action at the Farnborough International Air Show with their 380-HDc camera.

The 380 is a large (62 pound) remote-controllable device meant to be mounted on a helicopter.

While the “camera” — which constructs its heat mapping, ultimately, into a 1080p-quality final product — will be used by militaries all over the world in the coming years. For one, the Royal Norwegian Air Force, beginning in 2017.

FLIR is based in Wilsonville, Oregon. It was founded in 1978.